Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Beast Mode Day-? [ Diet ] [ Bodybuilding ] [ Training ]

    While following this diet and bodybuilding routine, the days are going by to quick to keep count. Good and bad days have come and gone. Probably more bad days. LOL. I've even had a lot of days that I just didn't work out at all. Never the less, I continue training and can now say I fit into my shorts again. I FIT IN MY OLD SHORTS! I started at 240 pounds. I am now at 225. Two hundred pounds is the goal for now. It feels great and is highly motivational. This is a tough workout routine, and I still can not do exactly what it demands. I give it my best and have been seeing great results.

    Blood pressure has not dropped at all. That is a little discouraging since getting off medication is the point of all this training. It was made clear to me that I may never get off the meds because of genes. Even with that information, I will keep trying. My wife and five children are great motivation. ✌ The fight continues. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Day-10 Beast Mode [ Change is Needed ]

    I have reached a point where my muscle mass is growing significantly, but body fat seems to be holding at it's current percentage. Because of this, my body weight is holding at 230 pounds; and it wouldn't surprise me if I gained some weight. Muscle does weight more than fat. This is why you cannot watch the scale while doing a workout routine to lose weight and build muscle.

    The medication does seem to be holding me back. There is a certain point in every workout I do that I must pull back because of getting dizzy and coming close to passing out. This is not something I would run into before taking meds. My muscles seem to always be strained. For example, that feeling you get when holding something over your head and your muscles start to burn because they are being pushed beyond their limits. My muscles have that feeling constantly. I contribute that to the meds as well. Just sweeping a floor is like pushing the limits with burning muscles. In all honesty, if you put all my symptoms together, I would describe it as a feeling of dying. Going the rest of my life like this is not realistic. It is to mentally draining. Change is needed! Keep me in your prayers.

                                                                              After every exercise my right arm gets significantly                                                                        larger than my left. Weird! Odd fitness results at there best. LOL

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Day-3 Beast Mode [ motivated ][ protein powder power ]

    Wow! I'm feeling good. Not only did I make it through work without getting dehydrated, but I also completed today's workout. Sleepiness has overcome me at this point. That pillow on the bed is looking great.

    What seems to be making the difference is protein powder. I started taking it yesterday after work and woke today feeling rejuvenated. All for that! 👍


     A load of debris got in my eyes today while working. Looking at this bright computer screen is burning. Most of the larger pieces have come out, but some fine dust seems to be irritating the right eye. Flushing them with water didn't help. What are ya gonna do? Onward to tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day-2 Beast Mode [ FAIL ]

    Today was suppose to be day 2 of my routine. I can't even do 1 push up at the  moment. Work was very physically straining today and took everything out of me. I got fairly dehydrated to make it worse. At least, I made it trough work which honestly, I feel is more important. If my body doesn't adjust to the meds, then I'm not sure how I will continue. It feels like being run over by a bulldozer after working in the sun for two hours. That's not exaggerating! Tomorrow is a rest day. I will attempt to use it as a make up day. Ha, we'll see how that goes. The battle goes on. 👊

Monday, April 30, 2018

Day-1 Beast Mode [ son does squats ]

    I've done it. Day 1 workout is complete. This is a tough workout. I'm suppose to do as many rounds of the routine as possible in 30 minutes. I managed two and a half rounds. That took about 15 minutes. The rest of the time was spent catching my breath and trying  not to pass out. It wasn't easy getting it done after a day of working in the Florida sun. Preferably a morning workout would be best, but it's just not practical for me. I'm noticing that the number 1 thing limiting my exercise is a shortness of breath. Hopefully, this will fade over time.

    While laying on the carpet trying to catch my breath, my youngest son who does not walk, crawls next to me and starts doing squats. He seemed to enjoy exercise far more than I. LOL

Someone tell him his form is off.

    My eating has been great. Had a couple of slips over the weekend, but not enough to hurt me. The diet continues. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Body Weight Workout Routine

    I'm starting a new routine tomorrow. It uses all body weight. That works for me since I have no room for equipment and no time to get to a gym. It's going to be rough and will require a great deal of discipline. It should be worth it in the end.

    Yes, I have already been doing body weight exercises for the last week and have lost significant weight. What I have not done is stick to the routine. Starting tomorrow, I will be following it to the tee.

10 BEST Body Weight Exercises of All-Time (plus 5 Bonus moves)

Easy Quick Breakfast Oatmeal

One of my go to breakfasts is this creamy oatmeal. Pre-flavored oatmeal has so much sugar. Making your own is easier than you would think. I've even gotten my kids to eat it which is incredible. Cinnamon and peaches are always a tasty option. Kids seem to love adding Nutella. Finding something healthy the whole family will enjoy can be tough. This oatmeal is a winner.