Friday, April 20, 2018

Affordable and Great Quality!

    Here is the Treadmill I use. It is a great treadmill at a affordable price. I found this one after a few weeks of researching. My problem was finding one that was compact and folding but still large enough to handle my longer stride. This guy is perfect. It's very sturdy and handles the long stride while still being small enough to fit in my tiny house. I'm 6'4" and 245 pounds. It has 6 programmed workouts. Also gives you a calorie and distance count. Has a 2 position adjustable incline.

    Now here's the best quality for me. It seems to be quieter than most other treadmills. I've been on a few treadmills and while it's not super quiet, it is quiet for the price. Certainly quieter than the others I've tried.

    Now I learned this the hard way. Get yourself a good pair of shoes if your going to be using your treadmill regularly. Otherwise prepare for blisters.

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