Monday, April 30, 2018

Day-1 Beast Mode [ son does squats ]

    I've done it. Day 1 workout is complete. This is a tough workout. I'm suppose to do as many rounds of the routine as possible in 30 minutes. I managed two and a half rounds. That took about 15 minutes. The rest of the time was spent catching my breath and trying  not to pass out. It wasn't easy getting it done after a day of working in the Florida sun. Preferably a morning workout would be best, but it's just not practical for me. I'm noticing that the number 1 thing limiting my exercise is a shortness of breath. Hopefully, this will fade over time.

    While laying on the carpet trying to catch my breath, my youngest son who does not walk, crawls next to me and starts doing squats. He seemed to enjoy exercise far more than I. LOL

Someone tell him his form is off.

    My eating has been great. Had a couple of slips over the weekend, but not enough to hurt me. The diet continues. 

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