Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Day 5-6 Morning Workout

    It hurts! That's all. It Hurts!

    As far as my treadmill goes, I hate it. My legs are in nothing, but pain. Yet, I must continue to step onto this plastic beast that forces me to move. One day, I may learn to love it; but for now, I hate it.

    I've been back to work for the last 2 day,s and it's been rough. I'm on 3 meds that all require you stay out of the sun. MY JOB IS IN THE SUN, AND I FEEL LIKE I'M DYING! I am confident that my body will adjust. The first week will be the toughest. One good note is that I have not been having so many urges for junk food.  My stomach seems to be shrinking as well. I say that because small portions are making me feel full. That is a good and motivating feeling. Even though I'm complaining, progress is being made. The exercise and diet will continue.

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