Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Need a Break [ blood pressure and dehydration ]

    I could barely wake up today. My body is so physically strained. I was working in the sun all day today and became very dehydrated. This is what the medications do. Problem is that my job requires me to be in the sun. Blood pressure medication and sun don't mix. Hopefully, I can rehydrate before tomorrow.

    No workouts today. I'll get some exercise in tomorrow if I'm feeling better. I think I will try some electrolyte drinks while working in the sun tomorrow. That should help with hydration. I go back to full duty in 4 more days. As long as I can get in a groove by then, I'll be good.

    This would be day six of diet and exercise and no change in blood pressure yet. It would be nice if my dose could already be lowered. That's not the case, so I'll have to be patient. Keep the prayers coming.

                                                                                    The back of my neck is sun burnt. OUCH!

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