Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Beast Mode Day-? [ Diet ] [ Bodybuilding ] [ Training ]

    While following this diet and bodybuilding routine, the days are going by to quick to keep count. Good and bad days have come and gone. Probably more bad days. LOL. I've even had a lot of days that I just didn't work out at all. Never the less, I continue training and can now say I fit into my shorts again. I FIT IN MY OLD SHORTS! I started at 240 pounds. I am now at 225. Two hundred pounds is the goal for now. It feels great and is highly motivational. This is a tough workout routine, and I still can not do exactly what it demands. I give it my best and have been seeing great results.

    Blood pressure has not dropped at all. That is a little discouraging since getting off medication is the point of all this training. It was made clear to me that I may never get off the meds because of genes. Even with that information, I will keep trying. My wife and five children are great motivation. ✌ The fight continues. 

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