Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Day-10 Beast Mode [ Change is Needed ]

    I have reached a point where my muscle mass is growing significantly, but body fat seems to be holding at it's current percentage. Because of this, my body weight is holding at 230 pounds; and it wouldn't surprise me if I gained some weight. Muscle does weight more than fat. This is why you cannot watch the scale while doing a workout routine to lose weight and build muscle.

    The medication does seem to be holding me back. There is a certain point in every workout I do that I must pull back because of getting dizzy and coming close to passing out. This is not something I would run into before taking meds. My muscles seem to always be strained. For example, that feeling you get when holding something over your head and your muscles start to burn because they are being pushed beyond their limits. My muscles have that feeling constantly. I contribute that to the meds as well. Just sweeping a floor is like pushing the limits with burning muscles. In all honesty, if you put all my symptoms together, I would describe it as a feeling of dying. Going the rest of my life like this is not realistic. It is to mentally draining. Change is needed! Keep me in your prayers.

                                                                              After every exercise my right arm gets significantly                                                                        larger than my left. Weird! Odd fitness results at there best. LOL

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